The Cruise Vacation FAQ Book - Bobby Owsinski

The Cruise Vacation FAQ Book

By Bobby Owsinski

  • Release Date: 2016-05-25
  • Genre: Tourisme et voyages


If you’re going on a cruise, or even thinking about booking a cruise, you probably have a lot of questions that you can’t get easy answers to without doing a great deal of research. The Cruise Vacation FAQ Book answers 109 of the most common questions that would-be, newbie or even veteran cruisers have on a variety of cruising subjects.

The Cruise Vacation FAQ Book will answer your questions on:
getting the best deals why some destinations are more popular than others the difference between the various cabin choices the secrets to the fastest boarding and debarking  the differences in onboard dining and beverage packages how cruise line loyalty packages work what happens if something goes wrong during the cruise and even the ship’s crew hierarchy, pay and accommodations
Some of the most popular cruising questions that are answered in full include:
When’s the best time to book a cruise?
What is the “upgrade fairy?”
Can I book an early flight home when the cruise over?
What’s the best deck to be on?
Can I still get onboard if I forgot my passport?
How many bags can I bring on board?
Can I bring soda or water onboard?
Will my kids have enough to do onboard?
Do I have to tip when I buy a drink?
What do I wear to the main dining room?
What if I can’t eat at a specified time? Will I miss dinner?
Is the drink package worth it?
Is there a way that I can upgrade to the next cruise line royalty tier quickly?
What happens if I get seasick?
What happens if I miss the ship during a port stop?
Can the crew eat leftover passenger food?
And many, many more.
The Cruise Vacation FAQ Book will put your mind at ease about all of your cruise concerns and let you sit back and enjoy what will surely be one of your most excellent vacations ever!