Social Media Promotion For Musicians - Third Edition - Bobby Owsinski

Social Media Promotion For Musicians - Third Edition

By Bobby Owsinski

  • Release Date: 2020-04-07
  • Genre: Musique


Learn how to efficiently use your online presence to promote your band, your music or yourself with the totally revised Third Edition of Social Media Promotion For Musicians. The updated book reveals the latest insider tips on how to use both the most popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok in conjunction with your website and mailing list to gain more fans, followers, views and streams.

If you’re an artist, band, engineer, producer or songwriter, Social Media Promotion For Musicians Third Edition proves the newest techniques and strategies to increase your online and streaming presence without taking away precious time from making music. BONUS: Now includes a special chapter on marketing to playlists!

A full Instructors Resource Kit containing a Syllabus, Topics for Demonstrations and Discussions for each chapter, Test Bank and answer key for 12 week semester, and Powerpoint and Keynote presentations for each chapter is available for free to all instructors in qualified learning institutions.

In the book you’ll discover:
• How to maximize your online exposure to increase your fan base
• How to have more time for creating by saving at least an hour 
  each day on social media posting, and with better results!
• Exclusive Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,TikTok and Twitter
  promotional tips that boost your streams, views and followers
• How to uncover and develop your personal or band's brand
• The secret behind successful posts and tweets that get
   maximum engagement
• Which social platforms require your attention and which can wait
• And much more!

Here’s what the book covers:
  Facebook marketing
  YouTube marketing
  Instagram marketing
  TikTok marketing
  Twitter marketing
  Creating a killer website
  Newsletters and mailing lists
  Playlist marketing
  Artist and band branding
  LinkedIn marketing
  Marketing with a blog
  Posting frequency strategy